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It is easy to create an "OK" vehicle, but it is much harder to create a stable and fully controllable one. This is why after studying how the game physics work, I am gonna explain you common mistakes and very Advanced Vehicle Systems.

Stable Suspension System[]

We tend to just add shocks here and there, but it is not a stable way to do it. The vehicle will often break when turning a little too fast. So here are few tips.

Double Frame.png
Double Frame
Build your car frame around Bob, then add shocks on the joints (under the main frame).
Depending on what you want, you'll probably want to use a few struts to join the middle
of both frames (to keep the first frame from sliding or crushing).

Shocked Frame.png
Schocked Frame
Make the main frame smaller, and add horizontal springs to enlarge the frame.
The wheels will be placed on it. It will keep the wheels from breaking, since
the force wont be in a 90 degree angle against the join, but will instead flow with it.

Shocked Double Frame.png
Double Frame + Shocked Frame
In this case, the highest frame will stay the same, with the lowest
frame being the normal Shocked Frame. You will use shocks to close
the corners with the wheels.


Frame Bumper.png
This is pretty simple, but you can't do it with every car or else they lose their balance.
You simply add shocks on the front of the vehicle, and then add horizontal struts on them.
This way, when hitting a wall, the bumper will smooth the crash or will break instead of
the car main parts.

Vehicle Specific[]


Trailer Train.png

Shocks are flexible. What does that mean? You may use them to link

big parts together, so that when turning, the vehicle will flex like a train.

Flying vehicles (Planes/Helicopters/Spaceship/Balloon)[]


  • Video Tutorial Highly Recommended:

I have not seen anyone building a 100% controllable flying vehicle, so I am the most well placed to explain how to do it. First thing to understand is the "Basket Principle". If you go to the store and buy food, put it in a bag. the content of the bag is a force pulling down. Your hand or the handle is the force pushing up. What does that mean?

If you want to control the vehicle properly, you'll need to build a "Handle" system. The vehicle itself will be the "bag Content" system.

Basket Principle.png
Handle System
You will need a top/corner/stick/strut at the top, as centered as possible,
of your vehicle. You will need to place constant non-controlled rockets to it,
in a solid way. The rockets are the replica of the "Pushing-Up" force.

Hel Balancing System.png
Now you will need the first "Balancing System", the forces that modify
the "forward/backward" angle of the vehicle. That means a rocket on the back
of the vehicle, assigned with key "s" and a rocket on the front of the vehicle,
assigned with key "w". To get in the air, you may press both W and S to raise the vehicle, then you
use W or S the modify the angle. it takes practice to pilot it properly.

The second "Balancing System", which are used to stabilize the "to-the-right" and "to-the-left" angle.
There are two ways to do it: The same as the above, except it is a rocket on the left and the right,
using J and K keys. The second being, instead of on the sides, would be placed UNDER the vehicle, pointing
sideways. That can be used for skinny vehicle.

Hel Direction System.png
The "Direction System". This is optional, since everything else is enough to make it fly properly.
This is used to rotate the whole vehicle, so that you point to the right direction. Hard to do, but efficient and fun.
You place two rockets in the back, assigning "a" and "d". One will point to the left, and one to the right.
If you followed and understood well, all you need is testing to make one as good as mine.

Video Tutorials[]

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